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How amazing is the detox foot patch?

How amazing is the detox foot patch?


Detox foot patch

Just look at the overwhelming health ads. The higher the standard of living, the more people are afraid of "death", because they are reluctant to live a good life. Especially for detoxification products, the market is enduring. Why does the body have a tumor, why is it a stroke, and a heart stalk? Why are there long spots on the girl's face? Because of the many toxins. Where are the toxins? We are all poisonous around us. The pesticides and fertilizers in vegetables are poisonous, the additives in food are poisonous, the catalyst in fruits is poisonous, the PM2.5 in the air is poisonous, the radiation of computer mobile phones is poisonous. We live in a no It is not a poisonous world. If you don't detoxify, you will get sicker than others and die earlier than others. China’s current life expectancy per capita is 76.34 years old. How old can you live? Per capita income has been delayed, and life expectancy has to be delayed? If you don't want to drag your legs, then detoxify first.

 detox foot patch

Eat detox capsules?

That is already out. Now it's all posted, it's convenient and safe. Just stick a medicine bag on the sole of the foot, stick it on the bed at night, and get up in the morning to get rid of it. The "toxins" that are discharged are visible to the naked eye, dark and oily. Wow, it’s a lot of poison, and it’s refreshing.


Other common ingredients in the foot patch are also analyzed.


Bamboo charcoal:


Most of them are familiar. In the newly renovated home, many people will buy a lot of bamboo charcoal to absorb the "poison". Bamboo charcoal facial cleanser, mask, and toothpaste are also very common. The main role of bamboo charcoal is that the adsorption force is “very strong”, so it is often used to deodorize, absorb moisture, and absorb formaldehyde. Adding bamboo charcoal to the foot patch can help us better absorb body waste.


Ai Ye:

This is no stranger to everyone. The Qingming Festival eats Ai Ye, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the three-day moxibustion, all related to Ai Ye. The effect of Ai Ye is warm, cold, collateral, pain relief, and fetus. Many girls with menstrual menstruation like to use Ai Ye soaking feet, soaking feet useful, of course, there are also foot stickers.



Tourmaline is capable of generating microcurrents that are similar to the currents of the human nerves, so they can promote blood circulation.


It also releases far infrared rays and energy that penetrates deep into the body. From a scientific point of view, moxibustion also relies on the far-infrared rays released by the burning of the leaves, penetrates into the body, and achieves the purpose of conditioning and treatment. However, Chinese medicine not only considers the issue of energy but also considers the nature of energy. The energy of moxibustion is warm, pure nature, and the energy released by stones, electrons, etc. is not positive, and some cold, Some peace and murder are very heavy, and different properties are different for the human body.


Adding tourmaline to the foot patch can promote blood circulation and dilate blood vessels. Whether it is the magnetic field of western medicine, far infrared rays, or the gas of Chinese medicine, the effect of ore on the body is certain.


Foot patch is a way of applying for traditional Chinese medicine. It is an effective method of conditioning and treatment. It belongs to health plus points, and it needs to persevere, and with other points with greater scores, it can truly reflect its role. Don't expect to put a foot patch on your body, but it can add icing on the cake, especially "dampness." Health still has to work hard from every detail of life.

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