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PROVIDE Custom Capsicum Patch

How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
Please contact our staff for the exact MOQ of ODM products. Influenced by the upstream supply chain such as packaging materials suppliers and fluctuating price of raw materials and other auxiliary accessories, the MOQ for ODM products may vary a little, but is basically stable throughout the whole year. In addition, the ODM processing requires more labor input, and involves more flexible processes including independent design and development which will take more energy and time. The purpose of deciding MOQ is to ensure what we have done is worthwhile.

Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., LTD is a company that is unique in the manufacturing capabilities and international market presence. We offer heat patches for back. tiger capsicum plaster is the main product of Kangdi Medical. It is diverse in variety. Based on capsicum plaster material, pain relief patch products whose properties is better is acquired. It has been exported to 200+ countries including America and Japan. This product has the desired seam strength. Its seams have the ability to stand up to a certain pull without sudden burst. It provides a visual cue that the medication has been administered.

Kangdi Medical has a standard raw material inspection procedure.
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