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Home Medical Devices Which Measure Vital Signs

by:Kangdi     2020-05-23
With the advances in manufacturing technology, many products found in a professional medical facility are now available for people to use at home. These products are ideal for both those suffering from health problems and those involved in fitness. Regardless of their specific needs, these medical devices are enabling people to take greater control of their health. One of the most common devices used by people these days is a blood glucose monitor. The rapid increase in the number of individuals suffering from diabetes has led to a rapid increase in the number of these units sold. Having the ability to monitor blood sugar is critical for people which are required to take insulin should their blood sugar rise above acceptable parameters. While these devices are affordable themselves, the real expense for consumers is the test strips that read the actual blood glucose levels. Despite the expense, the convenience and health benefits of in-home blood glucose testing is noteworthy. Another medical device being used at home is a blood pressure monitor. Once again, the current health trends of obesity are driving sales of these devices. Many people will recognize the manually inflated cuff and stethoscope used at most medical facilities. However, modern devices available for use at home are more convenient and have fewer opportunities for user errors. These digital blood pressure monitors will provide accurate readings, providing that they are placed just beneath the elbow and over the brachial artery. Those suffering from high blood pressure are often advised by their doctor's to keep a daily log of their blood pressure. Maintaining this log will help medical professionals to better treat this health condition with an appropriate treatment plan that includes a better diet, exercise and possibly medication. Those suffering from certain heart and lung conditions also have access to a finger pulse oximeter, which may also be used in their homes. These devices measure blood oxygen, which can be critical for those suffering from asthma and similar conditions which may restrict the amount of oxygen in the blood. However, those that regularly exercise also find these devices useful since they also can measure the heart rate. Especially for cardiovascular activities, maintaining an elevated heart rate is essential for burning calories and for strengthening the heart. Just like similar devices found in a physician's office, these devices are extremely accurate. Nearly every household has some sort of medical device. Whether it be a basic thermometer, or a pulse oximeter, individuals now have the ability to monitor many of their critical vital signs. Having the ability to monitor these vital signs is important as certain health conditions may first manifest themselves in ways that can only be determined with the appropriate medical equipment. When used properly, these medical devices can also help an individual maintain a daily log which may be shared with their doctor to formulate a treatment plan which addresses their unique health condition.
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