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Home Ceramic Plaster Mold Crafting Process

by:Kangdi     2020-06-17
If you want to make ceramic plaster molds at home, you can do it with relative ease. If you want copies of items you won, it may be best to start with small value items just until you get yourself up to speed. When a friend or a neighbour admires an ornament or dish you have, it would be nice to be able to make them one very similar. You do not need to go to a professional now as it is something you could quite easily master at home, although there are some suppliers who may be able to provide what you need. Home crafts are becoming more and more popular at present, and while most people start off fairly low key with store bought kits, there is no reason that with a bit of practice, and following instructions carefully you could not soon master more intricate models. For the first time you do this at home, pick a fairly basic object. One that has an intricate design on it takes a bit more skill and if not done correctly will produce a substandard item and may dishearten you for the next time try. The actual process does not take a great deal of time, but the drying out time cannot be rushed. Any attempt to rush or cut corners could result in you producing sub standard ceramic plaster molds, which may turn out to be useless and mean you have to start again. You will need a box and some clay. Make sure the box is secure, as you do not want any of the substances leaking out. Not only will this make a mess of the surrounding area, but also you may not have enough left in the box to cover the object fully. The clay now needs to be placed in the box and must be thick enough to have half of the object put into it. Make sure you have the clay right up against the item. This can be a problem with delicate items, as you need to take great care not to push too hard and crack it. Cover the part still showing with petroleum jelly and then cover in the made up plaster of Paris. This is all you can do for now as it needs to be left overnight to allow it to set. The following day, this needs to be repeated to allow a copy of the other half of the object to be made. The object needs to be removed from the plaster and clay Again this need to be left overnight to harden. It is important when making the mold that you put markers into the clay to enable you to join up both sides accurately when you are making you copies. Although this seems like a drawn out and time consuming project, once you have made the ceramic plaster molds, you will be able to make some beautiful copies.
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