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Herbal Pain Patch

Herbal Pain Patch


Really the right thing, if you are doing sports and do not want to dirty your clothes about all sorts of similar creams!

Proven and necessary thing in the home medicine cabinet!

Herbal pain patch in the home medicine cabinet

Guys, let someone say that such plasters are "garbage in lean oil", but I do not agree.

Herbal pain patch went to cheers, although I was not very happy about this, because no one likes to get injured. I did not use plasters, but my young man, he is engaged in the gym, and working weights sometimes have a bad effect on muscles, joints, etc. Some minor injuries are intermittent, albeit unwelcome, but they happen ...

Of course, you can smear your shoulder, knee, and other injured parts of your body with a standard cream without any problems, but what if you are going somewhere and want to dress nicely? Dirty things? Oh well, you can do without it! It's for these moments that the bandages are great. Especially plaster can be worn all day, and, for example, at night, you can use a cream, although bed linens from similar creams are also spoiled.

So, the herbal pain patch should relieve the pain in the body.

Such pains include:

rheumatoid arthritis

lumbosacral radiculitis

numbness of the limbs

 pain in the neck and shoulders

lumbosacral radiculitis

muscular fatigue

 joint pain

muscle tension

pain in the lower and upper back

the pain of fibromyalgia.

Under our testimony are suitable. In general, what is needed?

The last time there were other patches, but they were also suitable for the same and similar testimonies. 

The size of one plaster is 7 * 10 cm. The package contains 6 pcs.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, which are contained in the composition, are absorbed through the skin and stimulate blood circulation around the area of pain.

About the composition is written not much: basically the patch contains some kind of powder that acts through the skin on a sore spot, medical glue, nonwovens, paper for removal, etc.

Patches should be applied to clean skin. 

You can glue, as soon as the whole plaster, and pointwise, pre-cut the patch into pieces.

The skin should feel warm. There may be a slight tingling, but not burning.

These patches have not been used yet, but I judge them by the previous ones. The smell is similar, like menthol, eucalyptus.

Wear 8-12 hours, then it is advisable to take a break for 1-2 hours and you can glue the next plaster.

Thanks to the holes on the patch, and generally the tissue base, the skin can, even a little, but breathe.

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