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Have Fun Painting Walls At Home

by:Kangdi     2020-06-10
Painting walls at home is a chore or a delight depending on your point of view, your disposition, the size of the job and the amount of patience or helpers you have, if you need or want them. A good paint job deserves patience and commitment if one wishes to enjoy the final product. Walls can be painted plain or decorated by paint depending on taste or necessity. Today's walls do not need to be bland or boring. They can be painted with one color or multiple colors and can sport any sort of finish from plain to the extraordinary. Recently designers are encouraging folks to have a mural, or 'Trompe D'Oeil' painted in some rooms. This is new decorating motif is a revival of an almost lost Mediterranean tradition. 'Trompe D'Oeil' can be used to open small spaces as usually, when well-done, it will create a 3-dimensional effect. Normally, the artist will paint an open-window scene, (good for rooms which do not have an actual window), or perhaps an ocean-view or a open field. Currently, decorators are enticing people to look at this motif for children's rooms to create a backdrop like setting for a play area. Whether the resulting finish is fancy or plain, the job should look as if it had been done professionally, or at least, as well-done as possible. This means that the painter would be wise to use good paint, good brushes which do not leave bristles behind and tape to protect moldings, window sills, etc. From paint bleeding onto these surfaces. Soft, thick rollers are an investment worth their weight in gold. Good paint is also an investment that one will appreciate only after the painter has been plagued by the havoc, disasters, inconvenience and headache extra work cheap paint will cause. Covering floors and furniture is a wise action if one cannot empty a room completely prior to beginning the process. It is recommended that, when using a roller and handle, walls ought to be painted in a diagonal pattern. It is said that this will eliminate leaving obvious roller marks. It will also eliminate the need to reduce and expand the handle length while working and finally, will be more interesting than painting straight across or up and down a wall. Taping is a very important, although somewhat tedious, task. It is advisable to spend the extra few pennies on a good tape so to save embarrassment and touch-ups that never seem to hit the mark even over time. Taping before painting may be tedious but the end result is well worth the price every time. Taping and measuring are particularly important when painting two different colors on one wall. Time spent measuring for stripes or other patterns will certainly pay off in the long run. Walls painted with contrasting or complimentary colors are attractive although they can be labor-intensive. Painting walls at home can be a fun or arduous task depending on one's outlook, talent, capabilities and patience. When a wall is painted well it can be enjoyed for years. To ensure at least a modicum of success, one would be well-advised to paint any wall with a primer first. For that very reason, some paint manufacturers produce a paint which has a primer built into the main product.
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