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Many people all like the Christmas,all the people old,adult,and children, the children can receive the goods from Santa Claus,and  here and where is snow.it is a beautiful scenery line.but do you fell cold,how to stay hand warmer?so,do you hear the hand warm pad?

How many information about warm pad do you know?what is it? How to use it,what is the function about it?now I can tell some information about it.

The warmer can be divide into hand warmer pad ,foot warmer pad body warmer pad and menstrual cramp relief patch.now we talk about the hand warmer pad,about the hand warmer pad. the active ingredients is:iron power,water,salt,activated charcoal,vermiculate and so on.

Usage:it by athletes,outdoorenthusiasts,sportsmen,skiers,construction workers-anyone who hates cold weather.

Directions:(1)open the pouch,tear off the safeguard paper and stick the pad onto your underwear,forbid sicking on the skin directly.(2)please remove the pouch slowly after use in order to avoid the damage to the clothes.

Warnings:(1)supervision is needed for use with the elderly,infants,children,people with sensitive skin,and for people not fully aware to the sensation of heat.(2)do not open cloth pouch,do not allow the contents to come in contact with eyes or mouth.if such contact occurs,wash thoroughly with clean water.

So if you know these informations of warmer pad,you have know it’s functions and useage.it is convenient to use hand of people.for example,when you waiting the bus,you can use the hand warmer pad ,you can put it in your pocket or in your hand for staying the wamer.when you are playing  snow and sking,you can use the hand warmer pad in your it can stay the warmer of your foot.and whenever you can use the body warmer,you just need put them under your clothes,thy can stay heat for:8-12 hours.when you have a dysmenorrheal, how to do you will?don’t worry,we also have the menstrual cramp relief patch,you can put it on your lower abdomen,and it can relieve the pain of minor menstrual cramp pain and associated back aches.

So,what are you wait for? please let me know quickily!

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