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Do You Know Warm pad Specific Heat Dissipation Principle?

Do You Know Warm pad Specific Heat Dissipation Principle?


   Winter appeared on the market a lot of heating products and equipment, the most impressive is probably posted this little warm pad, I did not expect this small and lightweight stuff actually contains so much heat energy! While easy to use, but it's the principle of the specific heat and specific precautions to use you know clear? The following will give friends about some common sense about the warm pad, be sure to remember clearly!

  Warm pad, flaky patches, it is a raw material layer, gelatin layer, non-woven fabric composed of three parts, the raw material layer is made of iron, stone, activated carbon, salt, water, and other synthetic polymers, the oxygen in the air It occurs under the action of the exothermic reaction. Non-woven bags are characterized by uniform does not leak, good air permeability.

Warm pad

Use warm pad 

  It is very simple, just the packaging torn, allowed contact with air can heat. Warm pad treasure does not rub, because rubbing will rub the inner temperature of the breathable film break, thus the risk of falling material, just open the packaging, tear off the release paper, attached to the body parts that are required for heating can.

  To corresponding parts of one, instantly heating the body instantly comfortable, chill totally disappeared. Although it does not directly contact with the skin, it is affixed to the outside underwear, but because of the continuing role of the heating effect in the body, or the inevitable question is raised warm pad it has no side effects on the body? So I'll answer this question now, KONGDY’s warm pad composition is mainly iron powder, activated carbon, non-metallic mineral powder, and salt. The choice of materials is very strict, iron selection of high purity iron, iron content above 98%. Activated carbon is a fine selection of native charcoal, is the non-toxic adhesive used medical glue, it will not have any toxic to humans. And warm baby powder can be used to cultivate flowers, it is an environmentally friendly product. So we can rest assured that the use of the body without any side effects.

Pay attention to warm pad

    The warm pad is good, but be sure to pay attention to several important issues which:

    First, the warm pad should not be directly affixed to the skin, in order to avoid low-temperature burn; then there do not use at bedtime, because of the use of heating equipment or when used with the temperature will rise in the bed; also avoid prolonged at the same location use, and pay attention to confirm the skin condition, if there is an exception must be taken down immediately; additional children, diabetics, pregnant women, people with disabilities and people with sensitive skin should be used carefully oh; and finally, if they inadvertently ingested, immediately gargle and your physician for treatment.

  Winter heating, everyone's eyes must choose an excellent quality product, which is also responsible for their own responsibility for their families!

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