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Do you hear from the diarrhea?

Do you hear from the diarrhea?


Diarrhea patch   

Diarrhea is targeted at children's common diseases, the prevention, and treatment of high incidence of diarrhea, abdominal pain medication, ingredient of clove, cinnamon, piper Ba. It is suitable for children with acute non-infectious diarrhea, children with acute infectious diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome.

The medicine is convenient to stop diarrhea quickly and has no side effects. Children's antidiarrheal stick, children's first choice of antidiarrheal.Main ingredients: clove, cinnamon, piper Ba. The auxiliary materials are vaseline, lanolin, stearic acid, azone, hydroxyphenyl ethyl ester, silica, etc

Diarrhea patch

Suitable population: 

children diarrhea, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, anorexia, and other diseases.Warm in invigorating the spleen, scattered cold to stop diarrhea. For children with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold diarrhea, symptoms are abdominal pain, loose stools, tolerance, fatigue. It has a dual-phase regulation effect on gastrointestinal tract. It can regulate intestinal function while treating diarrhea, and effectively relieve abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and other symptoms.

It is safe and convenient for external use. The product adopts pure natural medicine with constant dosage, which is more in line with the particularity of infant physiological development and medication. 

Traditional Chinese medicine

According to the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, children's diarrhea is mostly caused by external pathogens and internal injuries to the diet. The weakness of the spleen and stomach. The main lesions were in the spleen and stomach. Infantile diarrhea posted by clove, cinnamon, piper Ba, clove temperature drop in reverse, the kidney Yang, warming stomach antidiarrheal.powder cold pain. Piper Ba temperature releasing cold, abdominal pain. The combination of the three drugs can shorten the number of days of diarrhea, reduce the number of diarrhea, relieve abdominal pain, relieve vomiting, improve digestive function, and improve mental state.

Animal experiments showed that the drug can inhibit the insufflate shrinkage and intestinal propulsion in mice sports, a reaction against guinea pig intestine contraction, restrain small erogenous diarrhea, or big erogenous diarrhea, shows good stop diarrhea and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. Clinical trials showed that infantile diarrhea alone post-treatment of childhood diarrhea can reduce stool, improve the stool properties, efficiency up to 75.24%, the good antidiarrheal effect can be obtained, and no obvious adverse reactions.


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