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Do you breath better?

Do you breath better?


I absolutely love the KONGDY nasal Strips for sensitive skin. I suffer from a deviated septum and chronic congested, which causes me to breathe from my mouth and as a result I have dry mouth in the mornings. I was looking for an effective drug free solution to allow me to breathe through my nose at night that is also gentle on my skin. This fits all the criteria I was looking for at an affordable price. I have never been able to breathe through my nose as well as I have with the KONGDY nasal Strips in Extra. Not only does it work, but it comes off easily in the morning without pain or damaging my skin. There is a little adhesive residue that stays on my nose when I remove them in the morning, but that comes right off in the shower with no problem. I haven't worn them all day so I can only attest to wearing them for 8 hours or so when I sleep. Just make sure to wash the skin on your nose before you apply them for the best hold. These are a little larger than the traditional strips, but that personally doesn't bother me. The nasal strips provide instant relief for congestion due to colds, allergies, or a deviated septum and reduce snoring caused by nighttime nasal congestion,Also, they are very easy to apply and have good instructions with pictures on each strip.

 medicated nasal strips

I have tried the regular KONGDY nasal strips with the normal adhesive and I prefer these for the following reasons:

1. The Clear ones have an adhesive that is suited for sensitive skin over the regular ones. The regular ones cause discomfort when you remove them.

2. The Extra provide more airflow by lifting the nostrils a little more than the traditional strips. I found the traditional strips to provide an 80% improvement in airflow, while the Extra provide 100% unobstructed airflow.

3. I like the fact that these are clear and less noticeable when I wear them. I don't leave the house with them, but I prefer it. I feel less like I am wearing a bandage on my nose.


Overall, I highly recommend medicated nasal strips to anyone seeking a drug free alternative to nasal congestion.

medicated nasal strips 

A quick test to see if these will help you. Put your pinky fingers just inside your nostrils and open up the airway. Do you breath better?


My airway closes up within a few hours of sleep, especially on the low side (I'm a side sleeper). I have tried multiple internal nasal dilators, but they all become irritating after 4 hours or so.

The glue can be hard to get off. Do follow instructions and remove the strip gently while holding your nose under running water (kitchen sink faucets work the best). After your face is dry, gently use scotch tape to remove the remaining glue. It won't come off easily with any kind of soap I've tried.

nasal strips


1) I recommend putting a small piece of dampened toilet paper on the middle part of your nose as you don't need the center part of the strip to be glued to be effective.


2) I have even cut off the top and even bottom rows (prior to removing the protective paper) to avoid placing the glued strip on irritated skin. Maybe the glue is extra strong on the top and bottom, because that's where I am most likely to get irritation.


3) Hydrocortisone will relieve irritation on intact skin. However, the box says don't use the strips if you get an allergic reaction. I think for me it is just that the glue is difficult to remove safely.

 nasal strips

Medicated nasal stripsalso helped my pregnant wife, she had a cold and she couldn't take medicines, so we gave it a try and she was able to sleep through the night.


Medicated nasal strips surprisingly stay on your nose through the night, i figure it would come off after an hour or two, but if you follow the instructions, clean your nose, dry it very well and then apply the product, it's great. Make sure the strip is center cause it will feel odd and weird if it is not. In the morning i jump in the shower, let water on my face and slowly remove them without problems.

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