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Diarrhea Patch Recommendations

Diarrhea Patch Recommendations


     Pediatric diarrhea belly button and preparation method thereof

    Today, knowledge about health is mainly related to the health of children. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has been leading the rest of the world, which is no secret. We really like the patch after KONGDY's cough, which relieves the pain of three family members. Natural diarrhea cream made of herbs or growing plants by combining modern technology with traditional Chinese medicine theory will not damage the skin, and can reduce diarrhea and stomach pain. This time, we decided to remove the patch from another disease, which was equally unpleasant. Diarrhea is a type of diarrhea that can cause a lot of discomforts and damage our health.

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The delivery time is about 2 weeks (standard time). On the way, a small box with a patch was placed, and the pill itself was not injured.

There are 6 patches in the box. There is a lot of English information on the box, as well as the Russian word "diarrhea stickers".

Each patch is placed in a separate bag. The bag has a cutout that can be opened quickly. The packet does not leak odor.

The size of a patch is 7 x 7 cm (square).

The protective parts are glued, but there are loose bands, so it is easy to remove the protective layer.

A patch is a regular patch that is attached to a center of certain capacity (we call it this way). In this container is medicine, which is a thick substance.

Ingredients include cloves, cinnamon, white pepper, and certain galls. Useful natural ingredients.

diarrhea patch

The invention discloses a navel patch for infants and children with diarrhea, which relates to the field of medicine for children, and mainly solves the problems that the traditional navel patch has a slow function and a poor curative effect. The navel patch contains 14-21 parts by weight of licorice extract, 5-9 parts of magnesium stearate, 2.4-4.1 parts of vitamin D, 0.5-1.3 parts of triclocarban, 0.7-1.5 parts of lemon Extract and 9-portions. 14 parts of triethanolamine. The navel patch is used externally to treat children's diarrhea. Therefore, oral drugs may not cause harm to children's bodies. It is prepared according to a reasonable formula, which has the advantages of quick-acting and good efficacy. The cure rate of infantile diarrhea is equal to or higher than 95%. The preparation method is simple and worth promoting.

       Diarrhea Patch Recommendations:

Clean the baby's navel with a cotton swab, open the package with the patch, then remove the protective label from the patch and paste the patch.

Children aged 3-8 months need 6 hours, and children older than 8 months need 8 hours.

One patch should be used at a time.

We have n’t tried it and sincerely hope it wo n’t be soon, but I think they will work. why? Well, because I believe in the power of natural ingredients and Chinese medicine. I promise that when we try, I will write a second article.

Thank you for your attention and good health!

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