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Business Communication When Life and Death Hang

by:Kangdi     2020-07-12
If you are like me, then you know plenty of your friends who got degrees in business communication. You probably thought to yourself; why does industry need so many of these folks, and why does it matter? Well, let me give you a big for instance, where business communication when done improperly could very well end in complete tragedy. Let's use an example of Air Ambulances and Medical Helicopters flying in dense fog or near zero visibility - low and slow with emergency patients and EMTs working to save lives. Not long ago, we were having this discussion at our think tank which operates online. Troy Laclaire and I were discussing the importance of business communication tools, avionics, iPads, and aviation air traffic control. All of which, along with third party medical devices are working at their optimum and the demand for information, correct information is paramount, I guess that goes without saying. Anyway, Troy mentioned that a friend of his was asked to stop playing on his iPad on an airliner as it took off and landed. We all know we are supposed to stay off of our cell phones and laptops during these phases of the flight, and he asked if there have ever been any incidents, or crashes due to electronic devices interfering with the aviation equipment. Troy states; 'I have yet to see any reports that actually show that [person al] electronics cause issues with commercial aircraft.' Well, I cannot speak to that exact point, but there have been cases of medical equipment electronics interfering with Garmin Electronics and the navigation systems of Ambulance Helicopters causing false terrain level readings, several high-profile crashes in inclement near zero visibility weather. There is a problem with frequency allocations and newer systems which may look for, find, and use unused frequencies to transmit on, thus mobile devices in the future could be a challenge, chances are the FCC will give DOD and FAA frequencies priority, along with medical devices and other emergency services. Troy asks; 'Are these generally in smaller aircraft?' Yes, medical helicopters I told him. So he wondered; 'Was any of these however found to be caused by someone operating 3rd party devices?' Yes, four or five they think for sure, perhaps many others, suspect FAA and NTSB investigators? There have been lots of air ambulance helicopter crashes in the last good many years. Troy makes another interesting point; 'Perhaps this may point to other issues as well, perhaps in how the helicopter is being used.' Of course, there are good and bad best management practices to consider, and it's all serious when it comes to medical air ambulance operations. Please consider all this.
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