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Bamboo Vinegar Detox Foot Patches

Bamboo Vinegar Detox Foot Patches

Size: 6.5*4.2cm,7*10cm or oem

Color: White, brown color or others required

Advantage: No irritating odor, more safe& comfortable, waterproof

Package: 6pieces per bag, 5bags per box

Delivery Time: 7-15 working days after receiving down payment

Port: Qingdao, Shanghai or other Chinese port

Payment Term: 30% deposit by T/T, the balance should be paid before shipment.

MOQ: 100 boxes

Application: Arthritis, simple backache, strains & sprains, stiff neck, sore shoulders, bruises etc.

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Detox cleanse purify your body

Only by one night:
Sleeping quality improved.
Toxin and moisture dispelled
Impurities absorbed
Natural cleaning aided.
One piece on foot, toxins dispelled.
Natural spa patch
Once it is attached on the bottom of your foot,it absorbs unnecessary
Moisture and waste matters in your body supplies the spirit of bamboo
And give the effect like refreshing in nature


Detox Foot Patch


Active ingredients
Bamboo vinegar, detox herb extract,vitamin C
vegetable fiber.tourmaline,negative powder

How to use

1.Remove adhesive backing,apply the printed side of the pad to the adhesive sheet.
2.Apply the patch on the desired area of your soles
3.Take off after 8-10 hours or the next morning,and wash well your feet.
4.You will be surprised to see the patch have turned its color from white to brown or black.


1.Dispel the toxin and moisture which were stored in your body.
2.Remove toxin, purify blood, clear body odour, waste oil and foot odour out from your body.
3.Dispel internal moisture, relieve stress on the foot and joint.
4.Replenish vital essence, activate cells, lighten your skin, and slow the aging process.
5.Improve sleep quality, relieve fatigue, feel energized.
6.Help solve astriction problems, halitosis, keep fit and slim.
7.Relief of arthritis or joint pains.
8.Increases blood circulation, boosts the immune system.

Product Name

Detox foot patch


Bamboo Vinegar, Wood Vingar , Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamine C, Dextrin, Negative Ion Powder, Detox Herb Extract


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1.Promoting blood circulation&metabolism .
2.Activating cells,improving functions of vital organs .
3.Relieving fatigue .
4.Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating internal moisture,replenishing vital essence and strengthening the kidney .
5.Promoting sleeping .
6.Dispelling toxins which accumulated in the circulation system,promoting funbctions of circulation system and strengthening the immunity


The cosmetic users,the belly-bound,the old&infirm,the obese,the depressed,smokers&sots,workers who have to stand for long time and people with great working or mental pressure .


6*8cm or custom


2patches+2sheets or 1pc/bag adhesive sheet/polybag 10bags/box or 20bags/box

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