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Back pain relief patch

Back pain relief patch


Painkiller Patch

What are you doing? Working, facing the computer? You often fall on your shoulders, hurt your legs, your neck, and even your entire body. You can say "I'm sick", the answer is no, you are not sick, just no exercise, you are working from morning to night, sitting in a chair, keeping the same position in front of the computer. With the development of society, our work has also changed. I think most people work in the office, so it is easy to feel pain in the shoulders and neck, what should I do next? Are you suffering or looking for relief? Do you know of any painkillers "Have you ever used it? Do you know how to use it?" Next I will tell you about the painkiller patch.

Most analgesics are light yellow-brown gypsum flakes that emit a fragrant odor and can temporarily relieve minor pain and related muscle and joint pain, muscle fatigue, and muscle pain, stiff shoulders, simple back pain, arthritis pain, Stinging arthritis, minor fracture frostbite. When the shoulder is injured, it can be worn on the shoulder. It can relieve your pain. It contains i-menthol, which makes you feel cold during use. Don't worry, it means your pain will be reduced, but it is only suitable for adults and children over 12 years old. Use it to clean and dry the affected area. Recover from supporting movies and apply no more than 3 to 4 times a day. Remove after a maximum of 8 hours. Please store below 25 degrees to avoid direct sunlight.

Shoulder Pain

You can take a look at your friends, ask them if they have been suffering from shoulder pain, Vitala on the cervix will feel pain, etc. Then you can introduce them to the pain relief patches or buy some of them, it is very similar to your Like your parents, you may experience back and shoulder pain as you age, so you can buy some pain relief patches for your parents. Your grandmother and grandfather may be sprained, you can give them painkillers or try the following relief pain methods:

 Back pain relief patch

* Do not sit in the office for a long time. Occasionally, walk a little. Try using wooden or plastic chairs, avoiding mattress chairs.


* Tighten heavy items can be back penned. Do not do this too much time. Occasionally take rest.


* Sit down and keep your waist straight while sitting on the chair. For this reason, one or two small cushions can sit in the lower part of the waist. The waist will remain straight in it.


* One leg can stand on one side with a small tool or something high. Feel comfortable at it.


* If you have been sitting in a train or car for long periods, then the shaking pain increases. For a long journey, wait for one hour or so after rest and take some rest.


* After getting down from the train-bus without restraining luggage, rest for some time in the muscles of the waist. It will be good to have your waist.


* Practice sleeping in a tight bed. In this, the whole body gets support, as well as decreasing the pressure in the lower spines. It’s hard to say a tough bed but not wood, but the cloth we use is going to be the same.


* Listen or be scratched. But do not fall down The waist is curved and the lower spine pressure can increase the pain. If you hear tears, you can sleep with a pillow in between two knees. It will have waist support.


* Pressure on the waist to increase extra weight increases the waist pain. Reduce for this extra weight.


If the lower back pain of pain is 1 to 2 weeks, and if you feel weakness or numbness in your legs, or have difficulty standing or walking, then show the doctor.


In short, painkiller patches are useful for people. This is not only an easy task but also harmless to the environment. It is very popular in many countries. If you want to buy painkillers or want more information and purchase, please click the link or directly use the phone number or email to contact us, we can provide you with the best serif, what are you waiting for, please contact us! It is easy if you contact us in advance to get a discount.

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