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Are Slim Patches harmful to health?

Are Slim Patches harmful to health?


Summer, it is the best opportunity that shows graceful and wonderful figure originally, you however because the figure is out of shape, "bound hands bound feet", dare not wear a beautiful dress? Still, envy those who wear bare midriff "beautiful woman"? So how can ability be in the shortest time inside a perfect change body? We have a product here to recommend you-"Slim Patches" small porn

This product belongs to the type of patch for weight loss, the single size is 5 * 8cm, each bag has 10 pieces, containing mint, resin, fendoxine, natural mineral powder, natural essential oil, and other natural ingredients, with detoxification, weight reduction, and other functions, suitable for all kinds of men and women in need.

Slim Patches are natural herbal Patch 100% safe, easy to use, easy to wear, the Patch is suitable for the transdermal process, can provide natural ingredients, safely and effectively remove excess fat, help the body lose fat quickly and is a safe, natural way to lose weight, has set up a file in the tens of thousands of people all over the world popular.

Slim Patch

What does the Slim Patches do?

Like the nicotine patch, but for dieters, slimming patches stick on the skin like a Band-Aid. Marketers say the patches reduce cravings and speed metabolism, helping you to lose weight.

Do Slim Patches really work?

Effectiveness. In most cases, there isn't proof that weight loss patches are effective. ... Therefore, weight loss patches don't have rigorous testing done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prove that they actually work. There is little, if any, evidence showing that weight loss patches do work.

How do you use Slim Patches?

Method of Application

Clean your skin area around the navel with a warm towel.

Open the package and remove the paper covering the Magnetic Navel Slim Patches.

Apply the patch directly onto your navel.

Wear the patch for 24 hours.

Best apply before bedtime.

Remove the patch after use.

Before use, we need to keep your skin dry cleaning, this will make a patch and skin more, we can use this product in any position, but if the posted below the navel, the effect will be more good oh, of course, if cooperate to do some aerobic exercise at the same time, with some healthy eating habits, you will get better effect reducing weight, remember, in the process of the patch, do not eat greasy, spicy food, also don't like to drink coffee drinks! Minors should use with caution

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