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An Historical Look at Medical Devices

by:Kangdi     2020-05-24
Medical equipment has been designed to help in the diagnosis of medical conditions and their treatment and monitoring, as well as the prevention of disease and damage to our bodies and minds. Types of medical equipment * Medical laboratory equipment for analyzing. * Diagnostic equipment. * Life support machines. * Medical monitors. These types of medical devices that have been invented over the years include instruments, implants and machines. They all help in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and medical problems. Over the years medical equipment has developed immensely from the original inventions. Medical technology was very limited until the 1800's. Doctors relied on their own creative senses. They designed their own medical instruments and they made their own tools or called upon the local blacksmith. With the introduction of radiology, biochemistry, hematology, bacteriology and anesthesia, technology expanded in leaps and bounds in the 1900s. Doctors now didn't just have to rely on their own minds or senses. At the beginning of the 20th century they had x-ray departments and laboratories at their disposal. Laboratory medicine and biomedical engineering has been growing since the 1950s. To keep up with this growth, medical technology is being continuously researched and thus, medical equipment has had to improve and develop at a rapid rate too, as health systems improve and advance.
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