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A New Day For Pool Finishes

by:Kangdi     2020-06-07
Nowadays you can get pretty much anything in a variety of colors. You can accessorize your iPhone to match your outfit with just a case color change. You can get ketchup from green to purple including tried and true red. M & M's now exist in every color under the rainbow and customized to say whatever your heart desires. So why is your swimming pool still that white old plaster color? It's time to modernize that pool with a new brilliant finish. In today's highly evolving customizable world, it is good to stay in the forefront of trends. When people decide to remodel their homes they tend to forget about their backyard swimming pool. Landscaping around the pool is a good way to breathe new life into the backyard, but what about the inside of the pool? The interior finish of a swimming pool can deteriorate quite rapidly if not cared for properly. However, many new pool finishes incorporate additives know as Pozzolans into the plaster to increase its strength and durability. This additive has been said to reduce cracking, mottling and etching in the pool over time. It increases the life expectancy of the pool and pool finish exponentially. Many different types of pool finish brands are using this additive to their products to enhance the pool remodel end result, and therefore the customer satisfaction. Good old pool plaster tends to erode over time. This causes the pool surface to cut, scrape, and scratch the skin. A great option to consider when re-plastering during a pool remodel is QuartzScapes. QuartzScapes combines crushed quartz with cement and different color tints. This makes every QuartzScapes completely special. For a more rustic looking pool finish, many pool owners choose StoneScapes. StoneScapes incorporate aggregate stone with a pebble and concrete finish. This type of finish is extremely durable and the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor lounge area. Beadcrete is a smoother option to a pebble pool finish. Beadcrete integrates small glass beads into the pool plaster. This gives the interior finish an eye popping 3-Dimensional look when struck by light. Now, ask yourself one question. Why is my pool finish stuck in the past? It had been said that Henry Ford offered the Model T in any color as long as it was black. Back in the days of the Brady Bunch pool only came in one color: white. Welcome to the 21st century. Pool plaster has evolved into a myriad finish options. A new pool finish has more than aesthetic value. A new pool surface can increase the lifespan and durability of a swimming pool well into the future.
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