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A Kind Of Cushion With Massage Effect

A Kind Of Cushion With Massage Effect


It is generally 67cm to 74cm long and 43cm wide and contains a sponge height of 1.8cm. Each mat has 22 rows of thorns, for a total of 275 thorns, and the diameter of the thorns is 2.7 cm to 3.3 cm. The small thorn on the thorn flower is a vertical triangular cone with a height of 0.6 cm. The three layers/four layers are evenly distributed from the outside to the center of the thorn flower. Each thorn has 27 or 42 compression points/needle pressure points, which can effectively pinch the skin, promote blood circulation, and increase body vitality. It contains a super soft and elastic sponge to ease the pressure on the mat during use.

The thorn pad/pin cushion originated in India and has been used for body relaxation, meditation, and yoga for thousands of years. The reason why the pricking pad/needle pad can alleviate the pain is that it can produce endorphins which can eliminate the pain by acupuncture. If you are suffering from back pain, sciatica, neck pain, muscle tension, muscle spasm, poor circulation, indigestion, arthritis, insomnia, headache, fatigue, stress, etc., the cushion can relax and treat the body by stimulating various parts of the body. , refreshing and gathering gas, naturally, relieve pain without drugs!

Using the mat for 10-15 minutes, the peptide hormones in the body begin to flow throughout the body; 20-30 minutes, the body's fatigue and pain are significantly reduced; 30-40 minutes, the pain is significantly relieved, and the vitality increases.

The mat has an incredible effect: soothes grief, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, etc.; promotes blood circulation; refreshes gas; relaxes the body, experiences a relaxed feeling; relieves muscle tension; increases oxygen respiration; improves sleep quality Promote digestion; demonstrate a positive state of mind.

Clinically, acupuncture plays a very broad role, but basically includes three aspects:


1.Unblocking meridians 

It is the most important and direct effect of acupuncture treatment. It refers to conditioning and essence and is mainly used for a series of disease syndromes caused by meridian occlusion. For example, because of the feeling of limb pain caused by cold and dampness, it is because the external evil blocks the meridians, causing the meridians to be unreasonable. Acupuncture treatment can achieve the purpose of phlegm and dehumidification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, warming meridians and relieving pain, and it is called painless;

2.Supporting the righteousness and evil spirits 

The fundamental law and means of acupuncture and moxibustion. Because of the occurrence, development, and outcome of the disease are the process of fighting each other with righteousness and evil. Being ill, in fact, Zhengqi is at a relatively disadvantageous position, and evil spirits are in comparative advantage. After getting sick, the human body will continue to develop disease resistance and continue to fight against the disease. If you are able to win evil, then you will recover from illness, which means that the disease is good. If righteousness is insufficient, it will not win the evil, and the condition will be aggravated. Through acupuncture treatment, you can help the righteousness, enhance disease resistance, overcome disease, reduce disease symptoms, eliminate disease-causing factors, and achieve the purpose of treating diseases;

3.The ultimate goal of acupuncture treatment 

It is to reconcile yin and yang. Everything in the universe is made up of yin and yang. The human body is no exception. The yin and yang are the unity of opposites. Anyone who is too strong or too weak will lead to yin and yang disorders and diseases. The ultimate goal of acupuncture is to transform the imbalanced yin and yang into a coordinated direction.

All in all, the therapeutic effect of acupuncture is actually a benign regulation of the body.

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