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5 Decorative Plasterwork Pieces That Can Add a

by:Kangdi     2020-06-19
Grand sections of decorative plasterwork used to be a trait for state homes and palaces. The year is now 2012, and we can now all bask in the glory of decorative plaster pieces. Modern materials and techniques allow decorative plasterwork to be an affordable option for all. Given the modern availability of these pieces, we now have more interior design options available to us than ever before. Below is a list of just 5 pieces you can use to add a touch of class to your interior design. Plaster ceiling roses While plaster ceiling roses traditionally emphasise a Victorian feel and finish they certainly have a place in a modern interior finish. These elegant, circular ceiling pieces provide an excellent way to break up a large, plain expanse of ceiling. With a custom design these pieces can be fitted into many different design themes. Ceiling Domes/light troughs You may often see grand ceiling domes in hotel lobbies, reception halls, and even shopping centres. As a highly original and appealing plaster feature, a ceiling dome plays a similar role to the ceiling rose as a breaker of ceiling space. The difference with a dome is the impression of greater space. The inclusion of lamps within the dome creates a marvellous and enlightening effect. These days, ceiling domes can be cast into smaller and more affordable versions for homes. Plaster Cornice Providing an elegant finish to the topmost area of structures, the use of cornices has been around since classical times. The term 'Cornice' suitably translates as ledge from Italian. While cornices are commonplace as ledges for the tops of buildings, they can also be applied internally to topmost areas of walls. The typical plain white colour of plaster cornices goes particularly well with bright, modern colours and can make any room feel better dressed. Plaster Corbels Corbels were primarily used on the outside of walls as a traditional load bearing feature. Corbels were adopted in medieval, Scottish, and even ancient Chinese architecture. While serving as an important feature on buildings, Corbels are decorated to a fine finish. So, even if they are used as a 'mock support' they still add dramatic effect to square openings between rooms. Arches Perhaps the most eye-catching decorative plaster feature is a complete plaster arch way with columns, a keystone, and a mock support. Plaster arches cannot be beat when it comes to filling dull, square openings between rooms. So, if you're after a truly unique feature for your interior design, a complete arch set is just for you!
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