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Please follow the correct method to use warm patch

The weather is getting cold, many people will be wrapped themselves tightly. But there are a lot of girl claiming to have anti-freeze artifact - warm patch, can wear thin but they do not feel cold. In the cold winter, a piece of warm patch posted on the body, really cold warm, but users heat pass "warm patch can cook eggs", the fact is it true? If it can "boil" the eggs, will it be scalded?
Ma Shuran, director of doctoral tutor and director of the Department of Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded the public that people who are physically cold can use warm baby, but improper use may cause low-temperature scald. Professor Lu from Beijing Normal University School of Chemistry said that the heating baby's heating substance formula is basically high-purity iron powder, activated carbon, inorganic salts, a small amount of water, vermiculite. Its principle is when the contact with air or air after the oxidation-reduction reaction, release heat. Warm patch temperature and dosage , raw material reactivity and oxygen rate and so on. When used to pay attention to safety issues.
Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctoral tutor Ma Shuran said that for the safety of baby warm, net transmission may lead to low temperature scalding have some truth. Low temperature scald refers to the skin exposed to prolonged exposure to low fever over body temperature caused by low fever continued scalding, the basic symptoms of rash, blisters and so on. The normal body temperature of about 37 degrees, some warm patch can reach 60 degrees, if you do not pay attention, it may cause low temperature scald.
So for diabetic patients and the elderly, because of their skin is not very sensitive to temperature, not easy to detect pain, easy to be low-temperature scald. Remind the public, the use of warm patch, do not touch the skin, preferably every other layer of towels, or in the underwear, to avoid prolonged use at the same location, not to use when sleeping. Found reddish skin or feel hot, etc., should immediately stop using.

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