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The weather is cold, why not use warm patch?

Now that the weather has entered a cold period, many of my colleagues and friends will complain that no matter how thick to wear, the body or uncontrollable shivering. Long-term body cold will lead to the accumulation of body chills, and what are inconvenient to do, then work outside there is no good way to solve the cold it, do not worry, KangDi warm patch to save you.
It is a coincidence that a colleague recommended KangDi warm patch, so easy to use so to share with you. Work time should pay attention to both warm and comfortable to wear, especially in outdoor activities to deal with all kinds of cold, warm physical stickers can give you more help, you do not have to worry about security issues, the average temperature of the warm paste at 53 degrees Or so, the fever time to maintain more than 12 hours for the body parts, where the cold paste, you no longer have to worry about the cold winter.
Kangdi warmer patch OEM processing, five functions to your love of warmth, breakthrough innovation four layers of breathable protective film technology to ensure sustained and stable fever, the correct use of heat to ensure that the time in more than 10 hours, more uniform heat, longer lasting. Sticky to prevent falling, easy to use and comfortable. Effective warm uterus, relieve fatigue and long-term work caused by soreness, ease the wet cold constitution, improve sleep quality, warm winter cold.

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