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Why tiger capsicum plaster processing popular?

The tiger capsicum plaster is a sheet-like preparation that can be applied to the skin and absorbed through the skin to produce systemic or topical effects.
Features No first pass effect of liver, no effect of gastric emptying rate, high bioavailability; easy to use, no pain, can be withdrawn or discontinued treatment at any time; the dosage is accurate, the absorption area is fixed, the plasma concentration is stable; Such as tackifier, the skin irritation ismall; extend the role of time, reduce the number of medication.
Finding manufacturers to do plaster OEM processing, the advantage is that capsicum plaster OEM customers can reduce a lot of burden, for example, the cost of building plaster manufacturers and the cost of manufacturing plaster artificial, you can put more energy into the development of the sales network.
Kangdi has been engaged in the production of plasters for more than 28 years. From the production, sales, research and development, after sales, Kangdi has its own experience to deal with all kinds of problems in time. The perfect customer processing needs, allowing customers to better develop the market.
Customer's reputation is our fundamental market-based, the strength of the company is our continuous development of the emboldened, but also hope that more customers and our cooperation, let us work together and win-win cooperation.

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