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Can steam eye masks be used every day?

Steam hot eye masks are disposable disposable products that can be used anywhere and anytime. They are loved by the digital visual eye fatigue family. Of course, we must use good things, but what is the frequency of use? Is it better to work harder? Come and listen to the professional opinions accepted by eye specialists.
Steam eye  mask is best to use 3 to 4 times a week is appropriate.
Appropriate moist steam heat, can clear the eye capillaries, promote eye blood circulation, adjust the eye physiological function. If excessive heat, excessive eye congestion, but not conducive to eye protection.
How long does the steam eye mask last?
The best eye protection time recognized by an international ophthalmologist is 15 to 20 minutes, and it cannot exceed 30 minutes. Too long a fever may cause injury to the eyes. If the eyes are swollen and uncomfortable, the time for using a steam eye mask may be shortened. .
What should you watch out for when using steam eye shields?
1, to remove makeup before use to prevent skin clogging;
2. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before use;
3. Do not use eye drops for 15 minutes before and after use;
4, when used, do not press the eyes;
5. Once you have noticed a strong discomfort in your eyes, you should go to the eye hospital as soon as possible to relieve eye fatigue and discomfort through professional cleaning, hot compresses and massages.
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