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Kongdi pain relief plaster manufacturers give you tips

Pain relief plaster is a household standing medicine, because plaster easy to use, many people are accustomed to tampering with their own medication. Kongdi pain relief manufacturers remind everyone that each plaster has its own unique pharmacological effects, can not be generic.
Kongdi pain relief plaster processors remind you that pepper paste can help, but only for chronic low back pain caused by the wind. Rubber plasters can be anti-inflammatory painkillers, rheumatism pain, back pain, muscle pain, sprains, contusion and so have a certain effect. Heat toxicity caused by inducement, indiscriminate pain available detoxification cream.
Plaque contraindications include: exercise or labor accidentally cause muscle contusion or joint, ligament strain, do not immediately hurt the site of injury with wet analgesic cream, musk chase cream. Local broken, plaster can not be directly attached to the damaged area, to avoid purulent infection. Contains musk, frankincense, safflower, myrrh, peach and other blood stasis of plaster, pregnant women disabled.
Pain relief plaster paste before the available hot towel to wipe the affected area skin, wipe dry, and avoid the hair more places. Winter plaster posted with a hot water bottle heat for a moment, can paste firmly, increase the therapeutic effect. If there is local skin allergies such as papules, should immediately stop sticking.

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