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Help you find a good pain relief patch

I have arthritis and joint discomfort. I use the pain relief patches when I work out and they really help and lasts most of the day.KangDi pain relief patches provides temporary relief of minor  aches & pains of muscles & joints associated with arthritis,  simple backache, strains, bruises, sprains.

Have lots of lower back, neck and knee pain and use these when I need to do some house chores. Gets me through the chores without the nagging pain. I've given one to lots of people who have been at my house and complain of pain and would recommend to anyone.
KangDi Pain Relief Patches give you the pain relieving power of a pill in a patch. Unlike  medications from pills which go directly to the stomach and pass through your blood system to the pain, it goes direct to the site of your pain, right where it hurts. KangDi Pain Relief Patch travels well; So take one in your purse, gym bag, or glove box… and stay active.
These patches are really quite wonderful. I have had some problems with knotted muscles in my calf. I was a little skeptical when I opened the package...hmmm kind of small! (Although since that time, I've discovered they make larger patches, good for the back or larger areas). The smell, to me, is pleasant. Not so strong as  other similar products. In about 20 minutes, my pain was GREATLY reduced. Was it a fluke?
When I sprained my neck and while healing these were my go to patches. I didn't knownwhatno would do without them. They also help for my now and then back aches.as with the gel I love the KangDi pain relief patches. I started out using the patches. I have them in almost every room and my purse so I can have on when I need it. hope it works.

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