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How to ease the physical pain in the elderly?

Neck pain, back pain, and knee pain... The diseases that were common in the middle-aged and elderly people are now more and more preferred to young people. Let's learn the following actions together and it may be effective!
He walked overhead with his arms raised and insisted on 200 steps. Prevention of neck pain: Sitting for 1 hour every day, take part in activities and shoulders and necks.Rubbing your neck anytime, anywhere, rubbing it to the best heat.
Pain can be relieved by pain during knee pain. In the front of the knee, the outer side of the knee, and the back of the knee, 30 shots were taken at each site. Frequent tapping of the knee joint stimulates blood supply and enhances joint fluid production. In fact, when we are riding a car or watching TV, we rub the front of our thighs, which can promote the blood circulation of the knee joint and relieve knee pain.
For people with more severe pain, the above actions can only play a part of the role, or need to cooperate with an external relief product to relieve pain. Kangdi pain relief patch can be posted, is for joint pain, knee pain, lumbar pain, can be very good to relieve pain effect.
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