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The role and precautions of ventilation nasal stickers

What should I do if I have a cold? Is your nose still confused by various rhinitis? Do you want to treat your rhinitis without both effort and effort? Ventilation nasal stickers can be described as a good medicine for treating rhinitis, so that you are no longer troubled by rhinitis problems, happy life every day. The ventilated nasal patch is made of high-grade breathable elastic fabric. It contains no pharmaceutical ingredients and is harmless to the human body. So, what is its role and precautions?
The role of ventilation nasal stickers:
Ventilation nasal stickers are mainly divided into three types, mainly divided into skin color type (standard), transparent type (standard), children type, using elastic super strong, breathable super good fabric, can effectively improve the internal environment of the nasal cavity, fast Reduce nasal airflow resistance, thereby increasing air flow, improving nose breathing, reducing nasal congestion caused by colds, nasal allergies, nasal congestion caused by nose inflammation and nasal congestion, making breathing smoother. It is also effective for sleeping to cause snoring due to the obstruction of the nose and the inability to breathe smoothly.
Precautions for ventilating nasal stickers:
For skin with wounds, dermatitis, sunburn, it can not be attached to the affected area to avoid infection; this product is only suitable for external use, can not be used in other aspects; people who are allergic to this product are best not to Use to avoid adverse effects; this product can only be used once and can not be used for more than half a day.
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