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Can a steam eye mask really produce steam?

People’s lives today cannot be separated from the Internet, go to work to see computers, walk to see mobile phones, and go home to brush up. Overuse of eyes and avoidance can cause eye fatigue. So what should we do? At this time, the words of a steam-type eye mask appeared in our lives. What is a steam eye mask? Obviously it is through the eye mask that produces 40 degrees of water vapor around the eye to massage the eye muscles to relieve our eye fatigue!
So how does the steam eye mask produce a lot of water vapor? The original steam eyewear is made of high-grade medical non-woven fabrics, distilled water, and a safe heating element. It makes the chemical reaction of moisture in the air and iron powder. It converts chemical energy into heat. It uses heat energy to evaporate the moisture in the internal material to generate hot water vapor to relieve eye fatigue and promote the magical effect of eye blood circulation. .
Does steam eye mask really produce water vapor? We selected the soldier's steam eye mask as a small experiment:
hot steam eye mask
 We can clearly see the water vapor in the glassware of Figure 3, so that steam is indeed present, it can not only promote blood circulation and relieve eye Fatigue, but also can nourish the eye skin, and the market's common hot eye mask not only can not nourish the eye skin but will also cause damage to the delicate eye skin, so choose the right steam eye mask is very important!


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