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What is the reason for the high incidence of baby diarrhea i

Diarrhea can be said to be a frequent visitor to your baby. Recently, many parents have left a message saying that the baby is suffering from diarrhea. Here I would like to remind parents that baby must have prevention work during the period of high incidence of diarrhea in spring!
1, the temperature is changeable, the temperature difference between day and night
Temperatures gradually rise, and rotaviruses, noroviruses, and other germs proliferate. Together with the baby's own immune development is not yet complete, easy to cause colds. Baby's digestive enzyme activity is poor, weak digestion, it will lead to diarrhea.
2, feeding the miscellaneous
The treasure mothers want to seize the long season of the body, in addition to milk powder, they can also feed a variety of food supplements such as porridge or rice cereal. Unscientific feeding causes too much burden on the baby's intestines.
3, allergies
Contact sensitized foods, the most common is milk allergy, resulting in malnutrition, stunting, long eczema, diarrhea.
How to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea, prevention and treatment in advance from the above reasons. When the baby develops diarrhea, it can use diarrhea patch of pure Chinese medicine, without stimulating mild treatment products. Parents can prepare some diarrhea patch at home to prevent diarrhea.
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