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Cooling gel patch is used to help your baby cool down

As a professional manufacturer of cooling gel patch for children, Kangdi has been paying attention to drug safety issues and appealing to parents to change traditional concepts and reduce fever in children. When the body temperature of the fever is below 38.5 degrees, the physical cooling method can be adopted. For example, the pediatric antipyretic paste produced by the regular manufacturer can achieve the effect of cooling, protect the brain, and reduce the damage of the drug. I hope that everyone's health awareness can be continuously improved. Children's cooling gel patch can be used as the first recommended drug in the pharmacy. They advocate the use of physical cooling methods such as pediatric antipyretic stickers, but they cannot be used as a treatment for fever.
Under what circumstances is the child's antipyretic paste best suited for use? Pediatric antipyretic experts believe that the use of pediatric cooling gel patch is a supplementary therapy after pediatric fever, and can not cure the disease. In general, if the fever is lower than 38.5 ° C, you can use the child antipyretic stickers to cool down. The method is to apply the pediatric antipyretic patch directly to the forehead or temple, or apply it to the cervical vertebrae, one to three times a day, the whole cooling process will last for 15 minutes to 8 hours. Need to be reminded that, do not think that it is safe to put a child with antipyretic stickers, it is only a temporary cooling effect. However, the child's antipyretic paste is not a medicine, nor can it cure the disease. Its main function is to lower the local temperature of the brain and slow down the metabolism of the brain, thereby protecting the brain cells. Pediatric antipyretic stickers are generally suitable for preschool children, especially for small babies, because the baby's skin is thinner, the subcutaneous blood vessels are rich, and the antipyretic effect is better. After using the child's antipyretic paste, if the body temperature is still above 38.5 °C, it should be timely to the hospital.
Kangdi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production of elastic cooling gel patch, antipyretic gel, pediatric antipyretic paste, medical cold compress, hot compress and warm palace paste. The company has regular investment in antipyretic stickers, and provides regular manufacturers of anti-heat paste OEM processing and warm paste processing.
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