Maintenance of long-term, stable client relationship is the key to our success. In order to meet the different needs of customers, we integrate global high-quality resources, establish the efficient customer feedback system


We have professional engineers and workers in the R&D department. At present, the scientific research centers have two R&D locations, one workshop for synthetic test and one for making plaster, with various advanced testing equipmen...


We constantly concentrates on developing new technologies, new materials and new processes for medical plaster, and have an advance technical platform for developing medical plaster, which include hot pressing type ,hot-melt glue type, natu...

About us

Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., Ltd was founded in 1989, located in zhoukou city, Henan province ,China. The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of various herbal health care patches like pain relieving patch,capsicum pl...


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Is foot pain growing corn?

Is foot pain growing corn?

The company has a lot of loyal customers and has established a good customer relationship in private. In India, there is a customer who represented the pepper paste and anti-pyretic paste and mosquito repellent products of Kongdy Pharmaceut...

How to reasonably lose weight?

How to reasonably lose weight?

Many people have more meat in their legs, which is very scary for the beauty-loving women. We can reduce the meat of the legs in some ways. Kangdi weight Loss patch Direct manufacturers tell you about some weight-loss exercises. Cycling to...

How to choose the right medical patch manufacturer

How to choose the right medical patch manufacturer

For how to choose the high quality medical patch plaster processing manufacturers on the Internet ,It is decided the quality of the product, product positioning, at the same time directly affect the later sales. Just do the OEM plaster OE...